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Monday 15 December 2008

I just published 39 new images from the last two years. More is coming soon!


Images published

Tuesday 25 July 2006

Today I recieved my copy of Black & White Photography Magazine. I got three pictures on two pages in the Reader Gallery section of the magazine. I'm really happy with the quality of the pictures - they look exactly the way I want them (within the limits of magazine printing quality of course)... Make sure you pick up a copy and have a look!

Images to be published in Black & White Photography Magazine

Friday 07 July 2006

Good news! I will get three of my images published in the August issue of Black & White Photography Magazine. I sent them a portfolio of twelve images and three of them were selected for publishing:

It's the first time any of my images are published, so this is really exciting!

New images

Monday 12 June 2006

Added more images today. If you think you're seeing the same chimneys and rooftops over and over again it's because they belong to the building opposite to my apartment. If I happen to see some nice clouds and don't have time to go out I'll just pick up my camera and shoot what I see out of my window.

New QTR curves for Epson Premium Semigloss and UT7

Added several QTR curves for Epson Premium Semigloss with the UT7 inkset in the files section. I just realized I haven't specified that all my curves are for the Epson 2100 printer. I'll go through the files and add that to the descriptions...

New profiles posted

Wednesday 03 May 2006

I just added cool, neutral, medium warm and warm ICC profiles for the UT7 inkset and Hahnemühle Photo Rag.

Bugs fixed and files added

Thursday 27 April 2006

When you publish something that works perfectly it breaks. Always. After launching the web-site yesterday all the thumbnails stopped working, and after I thought I fixed it they disappeared entirely on some pages. I got them back up, and now everything seems to work ok. I'm not very happy with the speed of the site though, pages are a bit slow even after doing several tweaks to make things faster.

I added a files section and some QTR curves I've created for the UT7 and MIS-PRO inksets.

New web-site launched

Wednesday 26 April 2006

Finally, after having a dead web-site for the last two years I managed to get this thing up and running. There's some new images in the portfolio, and more content is coming soon.